I help startups and big companies build things.

I code, manage products and coach product teams.

  • I currently live and work in
    San Francisco.

  • I work at Omada Health, as
    VP of Engineering

I am a 30 something years old Jack-of-all-trades working in software and product teams. I'm in love with building products from the ground, and trying to make them successful.

I'm looking for real life problems to solve, and constantly try to apply the Lean Startup principles on the products I work on.

My master is software engineering, but my different experiences pushed me towards product management and engineering management.

When I work on the product side, I'm data driven (analytics is my friend) and customer centric. I'm not afraid to experiment and release early and often, as I'm a big believer in validated learnings and my bedside readings are "The 4 steps to the epiphany" and "Inspired".

When I code, I do it with Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript/Javascript and Objective-c (iOS) mainly, and i'm test driven. I can code in Java/Spring/Hibernate, but last time I did it in a professional way was more than 4 years ago. :)

During the lifetime of the different products I worked on I also work on marketing stuff and sales parts. Like PR, ppc campaigns (FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Adwords) or selling directly to customers. It's always extremely insightful.

If you want to hear more about my thoughts, you can connect to my twitter or my (not enough updated) blog.

Here are all the steps of the product lifecycle I can be involved in:

  • Business model creation.
  • Product Management: Minimum Viable Product strategy and execution (involved in product, marketing, sales).
  • Software Engineering: build (Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, iOS), and run (Heroku).
  • Engineering Management.

A selection of the products I worked on.

  • I give talks about Lean Startup and Product Management

    The subjects I talk about are pretty simple. How do I apply the Lean Startup principles in a big company as a Product Manager? You'll find here some key talks I had the occasion to give lastly.

  • Prevent is the first program from OmadaHealth, pioneering the fields of digital therapeutics.

    I started as Product Engineer, building and managing the iOS app in objective-c and the API in rails.

    I then recruited a whole team (4 engineers and one designer) and now I mainly coach the team and manage the product.

  • Choose Your Boss is a new generation recruitement website, specialized in IT profiles. Our customer asked us to help him find a solution to his own customers: how to recruit IT profiles? How to find great teams for developers?

    I interviewed, several dozens of potential job candidates, and a couple dozen of IT recruiters. And we finally came with this recruitement website, where the power is inversed between recruiters and high qualified profiles.

  • Appibabies is a virtual solution to a real life problem : why having a kid should take 9 long months and be so expensive?

    With appibabi.es the team already won the Startup WeekEnd Paris, and the Startup Week End Europe in London.

  • Hubluc is the best way to be cheap when buying mp3s. The problems we are solving here are :

    • Where can I buy/stream the mp3s of my favorite band?
    • How much is this going to cost me?
    • Where is the cheapest website to buy? We compare prices in real time.

  • Tips by 100 was more a "case study" for me :What can

    I achieve ALONE in less than 36 hours?

    I was bored with 4sq and all the trendy hipy things supposed to help me discover new places. I needed something simple. I discover a nice article about 100 thing to do in Paris. That was it.