Choose Your Boss

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Choose Your Boss is a new generation recruitement website, specialized in IT profiles. Our customer asked us to help him find a solution to his own customers : how to recruit IT profiles? How to find great teams for developers?

I interviewed, several dozens of potential job candidates, and a couple dozen of IT recruiters. And we finally came with this recruitement website, where the power is inversed between recruiters and high qualified profiles.

I was involved in both customer and product development, as an intrapreneur.

My main activities during the opportunity study were:

  • Problem Inteviews with several dozens of candidates and recruiters : do we really have a problem?
  • Market Study (macro economics : market size, potential product market size, ecosystem, competitors)
  • Brainstorming workshops with cross functionnal teams to find a solution
  • Synthetise all the hypothesis into a business model canvas
  • Choice of the first hypothesis to check with MVP 1
  • Brief creation for external UX/UI Designers to create first wireframes
  • Solution Interviews with candidates and recruiters : does our solution can solve the problem?
  • Pitch to sponsors

My main activities since funding:

  • Development of first MVPs in Ruby on Rails 3, CoffeeScript and HTML5.
  • Closely working with sales team while my co founder closely works with marketing team. Creation of the sales offer, sales material, elaboration of the sales argumentation, and customer meetings.
  • Working on partnerships and pitching to everyone who wants to listen, and more!